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How's your Heart!?

February, the month of love, is a perfect time to evaluate how well you are taking care of your heart. Never has it been a more important time to make heart health a regular part of your routine. Afterall, this is the most widespread disease in America and is still the highest ranked reason for death in both men and women. So what can you do?? Here a list from the American Heart Association that can help to guide you in your endeavor.

  1. Have your blood pressure and cholesterol checked regularly.

  2. Choose heart healthy foods by eating lots of fruits and veggies, avoid saturated and trans fats, and added sugars.

  3. Get regular physical activity.

  4. Manage stress- do yoga, journal, have a support group

  5. Quit Smoking- Enough said here...reduces your risk for cancers and respiratory diseases.

  6. Manage chronic diseases like diabetes and gum disease with proper maintenance and care.

  7. Get your ZZZZZZZZ’s.

Well, that’s it friends. Your heart is important to you and you are important to us. So take care of that beautiful organ that continues to make life and love possible!!!!

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