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Dental Implants restore function, preserve bone, and give your smile back!

Dr. Darrel Mooneyis a retired Prosthodontist. Parkcenter Smiles is fortunate to have his experience and knowledge as a resource to provide our patients optimal dental care when it comes to replacing teeth.

How is a prosthodontist different from other dentists and dental specialists?

The term “prostho” means replacement and “dontist” means dealing with teeth. Essentially, prosthodontists are THE recognized experts when anything needs to be replaced in your mouth. This can range from a single tooth, multiple teeth, or all teeth and gums in the mouth. While many other dentists can do some of these treatments, prosthodontists are the specialists dedicated to this type of care.

Prosthodontists have advanced training in restoring and replacing teeth. Prosthodontists are considered the leaders of the dental treatment plan. They regularly lead teams of general dentists, specialists, and other health professionals to develop solutions for your dental needs.


Bridge or Implant?


Replacing Decayed Posterior tooth with an Implant


Implant Supported Bridge (CAD/CAM)


Locator Retained overdenture


Bar retained overdenture


Fixed Hybrid Denture


Surgical Guide


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