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Parkcenter Smiles Top 5 for Quarantine

1. 2 minutes of brushing morning and night (time yourself just for fun if you don't have a timer already

2. Clean between those teeth daily (floss, water pik, interproximal brushes, toothpiks- whatever is appropriate for you.)

3. Take your multivitamin- deficiencies can lead to inflammation increase

4. Get your ZZZZ's- getting enough reduces stress and increases cell turnover (healing)

5. Clean your hands before touching your face or cleaning your teeth.That's it!! Until we can see your face (and teeth) again- we'll cherish the times we have already had and look forward to new memories! Sticking to your daily routine is easier than you think - even if you’re staying in the comfort of home. Get all the tips you need to fill your time in the most productive way.

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