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Winter Whites

Have you ever felt overwhelmed with ALL those teeth whitening options?

Let us help you make the “white” choice for you! We often get the question, “Is whitening safe for my teeth?” Well, without all the scientific language and to make the long story short…YES.

Countless studies have shown that whitening is completely safe and has even been shown to help improve the PH of your oral environment.

Well, let’s get to the nitty-gritty of choosing the right method for you! Where do you fall?

Newbie!!! Just getting going! Cost: $$

Opalescence GO product is best here. By far the most convenient since it comes in a one-size- fits-all box and most affordable option at $70 for a 10-day supply (Can buy as Christmas present for those teenagers…hint, hint.) Also, gives you the flexibility to start and stop at your leisure. Although sensitivity to cold is unlikely with this product, you can simply space out your whitening days to reduce or prevent sensitivity.

Seasoned Whitener and love to Whiten Often Cost: $$$

Custom trays give you the most bang for your buck at only $199. We will scan your teeth at the office (no gooey gunk impressions) and within a couple of weeks the custom trays will be sent to your home complete with your choice of gel. Two choices: 14% hydrogen peroxide gel for 18 days of 30-minute sessions or 22% carbamide peroxide for 18 days of overnight whitening. Keep your trays and buy a tube of refill gel for only $20 for touch ups down the road.

White Teeth Now!!!!!! Cost: $$$$

Zoom whitening is the fastest way to get white. It’s like magic ….spending 60 minutes to 90 minutes in our dental chair can lighten your teeth up to 10 shades. We use a high concentrated gel and an accelerating light during the session and then we’ll send you home with a touch up pen. This investment costs $600 for a full mouth of “Wow”.

Sensitivity?? Or Clear Liners?? Cost: $

Perfect and convenient for our “sensitive patients” is our 5.25% hydrogen peroxide pen with ACP (desensitizing agent) for $20 a tube. Simply “paint” on and let sit undisturbed for 30 minutes to get whiter and less sensitive teeth together. This is the perfect product to wear underneath your clear liners used for orthodontic treatment.

Well, that’s a wrap friends…. And speaking of wrap… Don’t miss the opportunity to wrap up a box of teeth whitening for Christmas presents!!

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