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"I highly recommend seeing Parkcenter Smiles, you will notice you are smiling from start to finish!"
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"Parkcenter Smiles is a first class dental practice that offers dental expertise, caring staff, a friendly atmosphere that puts patients completely at ease through listening to symptoms and respectful interaction with the patient. It is the only dental practice I have ever used that is actually FUN to spend time at… highly recommend for people of all ages."

"Above and Beyond! Over the last couple of years I've been to Parkcenter Smiles for a variety of reasons...checkups, cleaning, etc. The staff is friendly, the office is clean and inviting, and the most important reason... they are highly qualified. I recently had a dental emergency and Dr. Roseann came in on a Saturday to "fix my face." The level of thankfulness and appreciation I have for Dr. Roseann and staff is somewhere over the moon."


"Love Dr. Roseanne Mooney. She is great as dentist, and a kind and wonderful person, After, literally a lifetime of male dentists, I finally discovered what a great dentist she is. She has helped and worked with me to achieve resolution to my very difficult dental issues and I cannot thank her enough. She also employs the use of other dentists in specialized areas, providing totally comprehensive dentistry. I am old and have lived a long time, but it took me this long to find "the perfect dentist". Don't just take my word for it, check it out. You won't find another as great as she is!"

"Dr. Mooney and her team are the best dental care In the Treasure Valley! They make going to the dentist a treat. Wonderful and easy going atmosphere, precise attention to details, all while laughing and having a great time. Alongside the fact their costs are more than fair even if you don’t have insurance, they offer the total package! I highly recommend seeing Parkcenter Smiles, you will notice you are smiling from start to finish!"

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