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A night guard can protect your teeth as long as you protect (and wear) the night guard!

Night Guard Care and Maintenance

The purpose of your night guard is to prevent bone loss, tooth wear, and sensitivity caused by clenching and grinding. It is very important that you wear it every night. With proper care it should last many years.

Recommended Cleaning Instructions

Brush and floss before using the night guard Do NOT soak in mouthwash, denture cleaner or alcohol. Do NOT place in hot or boiling water or expose to excessive heat (such as direct sunlight). This may distort the appliance. After use, rinse with water and store dry. Clean with toothbrush and warm water.

Bring your night guard to your maintenance appointments

PET OWNERS BEWARE! Night guards make great chew toys so store it accordingly.

Please call our office with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your night guard.

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