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Corona anyone?

We know it is not a laughing matter and laughter is the best medicine, especially since other than PREVENTION that is all we have for COVID-19 at this point!

At Parkcenter Smiles we are committed to doing our part in minimizing the spread of Corona Virus, COVID-19. If you have traveled internationally, been in an area of the country or around people with confirmed cases of the virus within the last 3 weeks, or are experiencing symptoms (fever, cough, shortness of breath) please call our office before coming in for your appointment. The CDC guidelines notes that, in cases when a patient presents with symptoms of a respiratory infection, we may consider postponing non-emergency or elective dental procedures until a patient is no longer contagious with diseases that may be transmitted through airborne, droplet, or contact transmission (e.g., sneezing, coughing, and contact with skin).

If urgent dental treatment is necessary, Dental and medical providers will work together to determine the appropriate precautions on a case-by-case basis to avoid the potential spread of diseases among patients, visitors, and staff.

Wash your hands and Stay Healthy!

We are here if you need us 208-906-3860 !

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