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Some things stay the same, dentistry isn't one of them!

Today's Dentistry is ever evolving to be healthier, more convenient, and last longer. The saying "what you don't know can't hurt you" couldn't be more false, when it comes to oral health staying informed can mean the difference between a healthy happy smile and a tight lipped uncomfortable wave.

The aim of this blog is to fill you in on the latest and greatest.

We will do our best to explain advancements, alternatives, and really every option out there to put you in the driver seat and steering the corners of your mouth toward your eyes when you choose the treatment that's right for you.

Dr. Roseann wants to partner her experience and skill with your informed choices to get and keep you smiling for a lifetime!

Dr. Roseann and her staff have extensive experience in cosmetic, implant, and family dentistry. Practicing and receiving dental treatment at Parkcenter Smiles is always a no pressure, no surprises, comfortable (some might even dare to say pleasant) experience.

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