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Caring for Cavities

Keep your mouth as clean as possible by brushing 2x a day and flossing, and/or using any other aids that have been recommended to allow for proper healing. Avoid sugary snacks or drinks — try eating cheese, nuts, or veggies and drinking water. Brush 1or 2 times daily with MI Paste- spit but do not rinse out your mouth. Rinse with Synedent Mouth rinse right before bed. Chew your fruits and vegetables— leafy green, and skins have helpful agents that buffer acids and protect teeth. Use gum or mints that are Sugar free and have xylitol. Fluoride varnish applied professionally every 3-6 months can reduce decay 33% in one year. **Synedent can be ordered on Amazon or purchased at our office.

**Please call us with any concerns or questions!

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