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Dry mouth care

Brush thoroughly 2x daily. Use Moisyn mouthwash 2x daily after brushing and swish 30 seconds. Use Pilocarpine lollipop as often as needed by rubbing lollipop on cheeks and tongue for up to 30 secs. Use pilocarpine lollipop right before bed time. (Moisyn mouth spray can be used in place of pilocarpine lollipop if dry mouth is not too severe.

**Pilocarpine lollipop can be used as a mouthwash by using 2 oz. warm water and stirring lollipop in water for 20 secs. Then using the warm water dilution to swish for 30 secs.•

If severe decay is present with dry mouth use MI paste 2x daily in place of your regular toothpaste to help strengthen teeth.

**Moisyn mouthwash and mouth spray can be purchased on Amazon or in our office. **Pilocarpine Lollipops are available as a prescribed medication from our local compounding pharmacy.

**Please call us with any concerns or questions!

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